Transfer Out Form

Please be sure that you have read the Transfer Out Guide in the Guides Library prior to completing this form. Once ISSS transfers your record we will no longer have access to it.

If you are on post-completion OPT your work authorization will end when your record has been transferred.

If you have only one name, please enter it here.
This number is on the right side of your I-20, near the top, beginning with "N0."
Your email address. We will email this address when your SEVIS record has been transferred.
This is your nine-digit student ID number beginning with "8."
Example: University of North America
This must be the full name of a person. Do not list "International Office."
Note: As a record cannot be transferred in the past. A record can only be transferred today or on a future date.
Please check all that apply
Please upload the admission letter to your new school here.