Breakout Sessions

Avoiding Burnout: Self-Care and Wellness (Offered for Spring 2017)

This workshop will focus on the importance of tending to self-care and finding a healthy balance between academic and personal responsibilities. Students will be provided with useful resources, both on- and off-campus, and they will have the opportunity to participate in stress-relieving exercises.

Avoding Burnout Presentation (PDF)

Being a Teaching Assistant (TA) in a Science Lab

This session provides basic information about different types of assistantships in the sciences, the, structure of traditional and non-traditional laboratory settings, the various roles and responsibilities of teaching assistant in labs as well as standard tools for new TA’s. This interactive session will provide a great platform for various resources related to teaching and queries associated with it.

Being a TA in a Science Lab Presentation (PDF)

Career Services Overview

This session will provide you with a wealth of information, as well as for the undergraduates you may be serving, including: part-time employment, graduate assistantships, resume/cover letter writing, networking, job searching, and career exploration.

Complex Conversations

This workshop will continue the conversation started in the Ballroom. We will focus on working together to navigate complex situations that you may face as a graduate student. We will also discuss possible ways of effectively handling complex academic interactions.
Resource Guide and Scenario Videos

Conferences & Publications (Offered for Spring 2017)

The goal of the Conferences and Publications breakout session is to provide new graduate students with advice for navigating two important aspects of graduate student life. Understanding conference attendance and publications are vital steps for building a graduate student’s professional reputation and future employment. This session offers students an introduction to preparing for success in both of these areas.

Conferences & Publications Presentation (PDF)

Diversity: What you Should Know as a TA

This workshop will focus on various categories of diversity as well as stereotypes Teaching Assistants need to be aware of. In addition, we highlight best practices for fostering an inclusive learning environment in classrooms.

Diversity: What you Should Know as a TA (PDF)

Effective Teaching Strategies for Higher Education (Offered for Spring 2017)

The goals of this workshop include providing Teaching Assistants with principles and strategies for developing effective lectures and/or discussions, as well as models for creating active and engaged learning environments. Presenters will also discuss ways to integrate student-learning paradigms into your classes to promote deeper student engagement and understanding.

Effective Teaching Strategies in Higher Education (PDF)

Faculty Panels (Offered for Spring 2017)

This panel will include faculty from a variety of graduate programs. Panelists will provide insights on research and mentoring relationships with students. They will also share academic and professional expectations for their graduate students, and how they differ from those for undergraduates.

First Time Graduate Assistant (Offered in Spring 2017)

The session will focus on pedagogical concerns of new Teaching Assistant’s (TA’s), including classroom management, lesson planning, and lesson preparation. Participants will also discuss logistical concerns such as where to locate teaching materials or technical support. Research Assistants (RA) roles and responsibilities will also be addressed.

First Time Teaching Assistants 

The first part of this session will focus on pedagogical concerns of new TA’s, including classroom management, lesson planning, and lesson preparation. In the second part, participants will discuss logistical concerns such as where to locate teaching materials or technical support.

First Time Teaching Assistants (PDF)

Grading and Evaluation 

This session offers useful tools and strategies for grading and evaluating student work, as well as dealing with grade disputes and plagiarism. Attendees will also be provided with valuable information about university policies, important dates, and resources.

Grading and Evaluation Presentation (PDF)

Graduate Student Panels (Offered for Spring 2017)

This panel will feature graduate students from a variety of backgrounds. Master's and doctoral student panelists will discuss and answer your questions regarding topics ranging from graduate student life and thriving at Kent State, to Graduate Student Senate and adapting to the academic rigor of graduate school.

How to Create a Syllabus

The presentation “How to Create a Syllabus” is about helping new teaching assistants with developing and designing a syllabus for the courses they will teach. The aim of this presentation is to provide the students with benchmarks of required components of the syllabus, timelines, and relevant Kent State University policies.

How to Create a Syllabus Presentation (PDF)

Personal Branding: The Quest for Digital Identity

This session focuses on defining personal branding and how it can be applied to the graduate student experience. As an extension of personal branding, digital identity will be emphasized with examples of how to establish a digital presence appropriate to the academic community.  Attendees will have the opportunity to reflect on possible ways to brand themselves as well as engage in an interactive activity surrounding the topic.

Personal Branding: The Quest for Digital Identity Presentation (PDF)

Syllabus and Grading (Offered for Spring 2017)

This session focuses on helping new teaching assistants with developing a syllabus and grading student work. Attendees will be provided with valuable information on best practices and about required components of the syllabus, such as university policies, grading criteria, and important dates.

Syllabus and Grading Handout (PDF)

Teaching Assistant Panel

This panel will provide answers based on the knowledge and personal experiences of returning teaching assistants. No questions are too daunting or too trivial. Take advantage of the opportunity to discuss what it takes to be a successful teaching assistant at Kent State University.

Technology Tools for Graduate Students (Offered for Spring 2017)

This workshop will introduce you to various technology tools to help you improve your productivity and increase your work efficiency. These tools are handpicked to support graduate students in their diverse roles as students, assistants, teachers, and researchers. Participants are introduced to resources that will improve their skills in:
time management, collaborative projects, presentations, academic support, and writing.

Technology Tools for Graduate Students Presentation (Prezi)

Technology Tools for Teaching Assistants 

This workshop is a high-level overview of the technology tools and resources that will help you in your new role as a Teaching Assistant. These tools include file sharing,cloud storage, real-time collaboration, and e-learning tools like Blackboard. We will review tech support and tech training options available on campus, and the Teaching Assistant Training Program. This session also addresses best practices for online teaching which will help you pave your path towards success.

Teaching Tools for Teaching Assistants Presentation (PDF)

University Libraries Overview

Information resources and strategies for graduate studies and research continue to evolve. This session shows and discusses key University Library resources and services for graduate students. Sign-up sheets for library workshops on plagiarism, library research strategies and citation management will also be available.