Workshop Schedule | Kent State University


Monday, February 27

10 a.m. - HOw to Prepare a Literature Review

Literature reviews are completed for many purposes: papers, articles, grants, theses, dissertations, etc. This session will explain and show you resources and steps for developing, managing, and completing literature reviews

Noon - Searching for Grant Funding Opportunities

A critical first step in obtaining research or project funding is finding the right grant opportunities. This session focuses on how to do so using COS Pivot, a funding opportunity database that is freely available to Kent State students, faculty, and staff. The session also provides information about KSU's Office of Sponsored Programs and how it assists students with grant application and management. Participants are encouraged to bring an Internet-capable device to set up a COS Pivot account and get hands-on experience.


This workshop is a modified (shortened) version of Ally Training and will focus on challenging your understanding of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBTQ) issues and common misconceptions.  The workshop will center on advancing the knowledge of the KSU community on the lives of people who identify as LGBTQ.  The ultimate goal of Ally Training is to create a group of trained allies to facilitate the transformation of the campus environment to a more welcoming community for all people regardless of sexual identity.

Tuesday, February 28

10 a.m. - Overview of Research management tools 

This workshop will show three of the most popular systems out there; Zotero, Mendeley and EndNote.  See how they capture references or full-text articles (pdfs) from databases, generate bibliographies quickly, and work within Word as you write.  Laptop not needed, but bring it if you already use the Flashzone-WPA on campus.

Noon - Investment strategies

By the end of this session, participants will understand ways to save money and savings options to save toward their goals. Topics include the importance of saving; determining saving goals; determine savings options that can help reach these goals; understanding the difference between investment options; and ways to save for large expensive goals like retirement, car purchase, home purchase or college tuition.

2 p.m. - Teaching Philosophies:  A Glimpse Into Your Classroom to “Hook” an Interview

The teaching philosophy provides insight beyond your CV and cover letter.  It is a glimpse of who you are as an instructor, your beliefs about teaching and learning, and what your classroom does/would look like.  We all have one but articulating this in a clear and concise yet “catchy” way can be difficult.  This interactive workshop will not only go through suggested do’s and don’ts from hiring committees but also provide tools for reflecting, preparing and revising your teaching philosophy.

Wednesday, march 1


Networking is the process of collecting and evaluating a list of contacts and developing a professional relationship with them. A majority of positions are found via word of mouth and networking helps build solid foundations to these relationships. It is important to remember that only about 3.5 percent of employment postings ever make it to job boards. This Career Exploration and Development workshop will discuss how to network, both in-person, and online.

Noon - Field research on a budget

Many graduate students wish to travel abroad to conduct field research or present their research, but never do so because of financial constraints. This workshop, facilitated by the chairs of Graduate Student Senate’s International Travel and Research Award committees, presents both best practiced and innovative methods for acquiring funding, securing accommodation and transportation, and living abroad. 

2 p.m. - Respecting Our Differences:  How to Facilitate Difficult Conversations in the Classrooms

Our classrooms are communities made of individuals with diverse experiences and perspectives.  Creating and maintaining a classroom community where these differences are respected is challenging, particularly when talking about controversial subjects.  This interactive workshop will provide participants with practical guidance on:  setting a positive tone, learning from “hot” moments, and specific exercises to use when teaching controversial topics.  

Thursday, march 2


This session will describe what software and services are available to graduate students working on their dissertation or thesis, and how graduate students can access or obtain research software for their personal computers (including SAS, SPSS, JMP, NVivo, Qualtrics, Stata, and R). University Libraries will talk about the library's statistical consulting program, which offers free statistical consulting to Kent State faculty, staff, and student researchers.


This workshop will cover research ethics and will provide you with information about the IRB submission and review processes at Kent State. Topics include an overview of the IRB process, how to develop an informed consent document, and common submission mistakes.


In this session, you will learn about different types of interviews and interviewing tips on what to do and what not to do.

Friday, MARCH 3

10 A.M- Resumes, Cv's, and cover letters

This session conducted by Career Exploration and Development will focus on writing resumes, CVs, and cover letters. Learn how to gauge when each document is appropriate and how to get the attention of the reader.   Free online as well as in-person resources will be discussed


Worried about creating and managing another social media presence? Unsure of how to use LinkedIn for research and expanding your network? Discover how to get the most out of your LinkedIn account and connect with KSU alumni and other professionals.


This session focuses on defining personal branding and how it can be applied to the graduate student experience. As an extension of personal branding, digital identity will be emphasized with examples of how to establish a digital presence appropriate to the academic community.  Attendees will have the opportunity to reflect on possible ways to brand themselves.