Expenses and Sponsorship

Preparation of the manuscript can become somewhat expensive, especially in certain disciplines. The Honors College has limited funds available to help defray these and other expenses connected to the thesis.

Reimbursement for Expenses

Students must keep all receipts for actual expenses incurred and submit them along with the three copies of the completed thesis. Examples of production expenses include photocopy fees, videotapes, film, printer cartridges, etc. Other examples of expenses include survey mailings, materials, and equipment needed during the thesis process. For partial reimbursement of unusual travel expenses, apply separately to the dean. Reimbursement up to a maximum of $150 is standard. In rare cases, when the thesis expenses exceed $150, a student may apply for additional funds, but granting of such a request is dependent on funds available and is not automatic.

Thesis/Project Fellowships

Senior Honors Thesis/Project Fellowships are available on a competitive basis. Students must have a thesis/project proposal approved in order to be considered. Applications are due in June.

Thesis Fellowship Application