Faculty Resources

Faculty Involvement in Honors

The Honors College is successful in enriching the academic experience for our students when we have faculty in numerous disciplines across campus who contribute in significant ways to the success of the program.

Faculty can participate in the Honors experience in a variety of ways, including: 

  • Teaching an Honors course
  • Advising a Senior Project
  • Directing Individual Honors Work
  • Mentoring Honors students
  • Overseeing Honors students in assistance you with your scholarship/research
  • Serving on the Honors College Policy Council
  • Attending Honors events (e.g. Graduation Receptions, Honors Speaker Events, & Honors Service Days)
  • Participating in Honors trips such as Honors courses with study abroad opportunities
  • Planning a community service project with Honors students
  • Encouraging your high ability students to complete a Senior Honors Thesis/Project