Honors Courses

Courses are an important component of the Honors College experience. The Honors College emphasizes small classes, generally limited to 20 students; seminars, interdisciplinary team-taught courses and other engaging learning experiences; and the development of critical reading, discussion, and writing skills. Honors College coursework is indicated on your transcript; however, it is not weighted any differently from non-honors courses. As such, anyone reviewing your transcript for graduate school, professional school, or employment will know that you have chosen to make your undergraduate experience unique.

Honors classes are designated in the following ways:

  • Honors Prefix Courses: These courses are designated with an HONR prefix in the University Schedule of Classes and are typically conducted in a seminar format.

  • Departmental Honors Courses: These courses carry the prefix of the department offering the course and designated as Honors sections in the University Schedule of Classes. These courses may be offered in the University's Kent Core (general education) requirements or in a student's major.

Fall 2014 Honors Courses

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Spring 2015 Honors Course Descriptions

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