Thesis Proposal

Preparing the Proposal

Students planning a thesis will be registered for the 1 or 2 credit-hour Thesis Proposal Preparation during the semester before their senior year (spring of junior year for those in a traditional four year program). The goal of this semester is to permit the student and faculty advisor the ability to work together to narrow the thesis topic, write the proposal, and develop a reading list. Students are required to attend a series of workshops during the semester that offer assistant with library resources, Writing Center services, and Honors College expectations.

The thesis student and the faculty adviser will sign a contract at the beginning of the semester that outlines the expectations for the thesis proposal. Attendance at these workshops is mandatory, and students who fail to demonstrate satisfactory completion will be prohibited from registering for additional thesis credit hours.

Download the Thesis Proposal Preparation Semester Contract (PDF)

Writing the Proposal

The thesis proposal is a formal document that sets forth the parameters of the intended work that should reflect a carefully thought-out approach to the subject with sufficient elaboration to enable the advisor, the thesis coordinator, and the Dean to fully understand what you intend to accomplish. A proposal should be four to five paragraphs that includes the following:

  • Identification of a Research Question or Objective
  • Explanation of the Rationale/Significance
  • Brief Literature Review
  • Proposed Methodology
  • Preliminary Bibliography/Reading List

Download the Senior Honors Thesis/Project Proposal Form (PDF)