Courses & Credits

The Honors College at Kent State University encourages students to carefully consider how they will earn Honors credits. 

In order to meet the academic requirements of the Honors College and retain the benefits of membership, students must make satisfactory progress toward earning Honors credits. Membership in the Honors College also requires satisfactory progress toward accumulating Honors credits. Honors credits may be earned in the following ways:


Honors Courses

Honors courses are offered from across individual departments at Kent State University and are taught by the faculty in those departments. Just what makes a course “Honors” depends on the content and the faculty member’s approach to a topic, but all Honors courses are intended to provide extensive student-faculty interaction and engagement among top students. Honors classes are designated in the following ways:

  • Departmental courses designated as Honors sections in the University Schedule of Classes.
  • Honors colloquia and seminars designated with an HONR prefix in the University Schedule of Classes.


Individualized Learning Experiences

Class Project Agreements

Earn Honors credit in association with a regular course by going “above and beyond” the designated requirements of the course. The extra requirements are to be negotiated with the professor no later than the end of the first week of classes.

Class Project Agreements

Individual Honors Work

Individual Honors Work (HONR 20096/30096/40096) provides students an opportunity to complete independent study (1-4 credit hours) under the direction of an instructor. The goal of this project is to provide students with an enriched educational experience in the major or other field of interest not typically covered in the standard curriculum.

Individual Honors Work

Individual Investigations

The Honors College will count graded individual investigations in academic departments as Honors credits.

Senior Honors Portfolio

The Senior Portfolio is a graded one- credit-hour project which involves the collection of 8-10 artifacts from a student's undergraduate career accompanied by a reflective paper that explains how each artifact contributed to the student's intellectual and/or personal growth.

Senior Honors Portfolio

Senior Honors Thesis/Project

Under the guidance of a faculty advisor, students develop an individualized research, creative, or applied project tailored to their unique interests. Students who complete the Senior Honors Thesis/Project may graduate with Honors.

Senior Honors Thesis/Project

Experiential Experiences

Study Away & Study Abroad

Students who participate in an approved study away experience  will receive three credit hours of Honors credit.