Facts & Figures

Honors College students enroll at Kent State University seeking undergraduate degrees in one of the degree-granting colleges. The Honors College provides enhanced educational opportunities for academically talented students.

Fast Facts

Established 1965
Current Student Enrollment 1,400 +
Current Alumni
Students By Academic College
College or School Total Student Enrollment
College of Applied Engineering, Sustainability & Technology
College of Architecture & Environmental Design
College of Arts & Sciences
College of the Arts
College of Business Administration
College of Communication & Information
College of Education, Health & Human Services
College of Nursing
College of Public Health
School of Digital Sciences

Incoming Student Profile

Based on the Fall 2013 Incoming Class

Total Class Size 419
Average High School GPA (Unweighted) 3.90
Average ACT Composite Score 28
Male/Female Student Ratio 35% / 65%
In-State/Out-Of State/International Student Ratio 82% / 18%
Honors College Scholarship Recipients 419 (100%)
On-Campus/Off-Campus Student Ratio 86% / 14%
First-Year Students in Honors Housing 61%
Graduating Class Profile