Honors College New Freshman Application

This application is for new freshmen seeking admission to the Honors College at Kent State University.

Honors College admission is by invitation. Incoming freshman students with a 27 ACT composite or 1210 SAT Combined Reading & Math score and a 3.60 minimum cumulative GPA from high school are invited to apply for membership.

The Honors College application is supplemental to your Kent State application and requires two short essays for admission. The required essays are a critical component of the admission decision. We seek students who demonstrate the motivation to participate in small challenging courses, exhibit good writing skills, and show potential for superior intellectual and creative activities.

Application Instructions

Application Deadline

March 1

Applicant Information
Academic Background
The following items pertain to your academic background. We are interested in any honors courses, Advanced Placement courses, or dual enrollment/post-secondary courses you have completed as part of your educational experience.
Application Materials
As part of your application, you are required to complete a self-assessment and to submit one essay. The essay prompt is outlined on the application below.

The items on this self-assessment are typical characteristics of the students who benefit from their participation in the Honors College. We ask that you rate these items accurately and to your best ability.

Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeither Agree Nor DisagreeAgreeStrongly Agree
I enjoy reading for fun, I always complete assigned reading in high school.
I enjoy writing and other forms of self-expression such as art and music.
I find it exciting to discuss books, films, current events, and ideas with other people.
I am curious about the world and interested in a wide range of subjects.
I enjoy learning things that are not required purely for increasing my own knowledge.
I am more motivated to learn than to receive a good grade.
I am comfortable with assignments that don't tell me exactly what to do and how to do it.
I think a good class is one that is an adventure in thinking and tackles big issues.
I like to test and develop my ideas by sharing them with others.
I pay attention to news and current events and enjoy discussing them with friends.
The Honors College Essay

As part of your application, we ask that you write a personal statement in which you explain how the Honors College experience at Kent State University will help you realize your academic and professional goals.

Your personal statement is both an opportunity to articulate your commitment to the pursuit of academic excellence and the only sample of your formal writing available to the admissions committee. The review committee will expect clear, well-developed writing with compelling examples. They will also expect careful proofing, including structure, spelling and grammar.

We are particularly interested in learning more about the following as part of your personal statement:

  • What are your academic interests?
  • What thoughts have you given to your future career?
  • What types of experiences do you plan to engage in as an undergraduate student?
  • What types of experiences have prepared you for success in college?

The information you submit will be handled in a way that respects your privacy. It will be used as part of the admissions process and may be used as a method for determining scholarship eligibility. Additionally, the information supplied in your application will be used as background material for Honors College advisors so that they can work with you more personally and individually from the start.

Please indicate your acknowledgment of this policy.