Class Project Agreement

Since an Honors course is fundamentally different from a non-Honors course, the Honors College believes that the contract course option should be used as infrequently as possible. These courses are, however, possible options for students whose opportunities for obtaining the necessary credits to graduate with a University Honors Program diploma are seriously limited.

The UHP also acknowledges that each department or program makes the final decision whether or not to offer the ability to contract for Honors credits through a regular course offering. In all cases, the Department Chair or Program Director, the course instructor, the Honors student and the Honors Program Director must all agree to the proposal for Honors credits through a contract course. PLEASE NOTE that the Biology Department does not offer contract courses at this time.

Registration Restrictions

The contract course option may be used only after the completion of 75 credit hours of coursework.

  • The contract course must be taken for a letter grade.
  • The student must earn a grade of B or higher to earn Honors credits.
  • A grade of B- or lower results in the course not counting for Honors credits.

Regisration Procedure

A student wishing to contract for Honors credits in a regular course must complete the following steps with the realization thatthe entire process must be completed by the end of the current semester:

  • The student registers for the regular class for which he or she wants to have an Honors contract.
  • The student completes the student portion of the Request for Honors Credit from a Contract Course (.docx), including a justification of the need for the contract course, and submits it (through hard copy or email attachment) to the Office Coordinator Ramona Speranza for UHP approval.
  • If approved, the UHP contacts both the course instructor and the Department Chair or Program Director, informing both of the student’s request.
  • If the department or program is amenable, the student works with the instructor to develop a one-page proposal (see below) and Honors syllabus and obtains the required signatures on the Honors contract course form.
  • The student submits the completed proposal and form to the UHP office.
  • Upon receipt of the fully-approved contract, the Office Coordinator requests the Registrar to create an Honors section of the course for the purpose of registration and recording Honors credit, and the student is transferred from the regular section to the Honors section.

The Proposal and Additional Course Criteria

The one-page proposal should discuss the expectations for a student enrolling in a contract course. One or more of the following may be used to enhance the educational outcome for the Honors student so as to meet the expectations for Honors credit:

  • An extra research paper or project.
  • An extra component to an already-assigned paper or presentation.
  • A more detailed assignment for an already-assigned paper, project, or presentation.
  • An additional component to a test or exam.
  • Independent or additional reading or research, perhaps with a discussion group or periodic meetings with the instructor to discuss the material.
  • A classroom activity (debate, discussion, simulation, etc.) or an in-class presentation for the entire class.
  • Attendance at appropriate out-of-class presentations, lectures or events and the completion of a reflection/response regarding the event’s relevance to the subject material.
  • An artistic creation or performance.

Both student and instructor should be in agreement regarding any possible changes to the grading policy in light of the different course requirements for this student. At the conclusion of the course, the student registered in the contract “H” section will receive Honors credit. Receipt of a B- grade or lower will result in the course not counting toward the requirements for the Honors diploma.