Portz Scholars

Each year the Honors College nominates one outstanding Senior Honors Thesis for the NCHC Portz Scholars competition.

The four NCHC Portz Scholars will be featured at a plenary session at the National Collegiate Honors Conference in the fall. In addition, each Scholar receives a $250.00 stipend. The NCHC Portz Fund Committee will pay the Scholar’s conference registration fees, and the nominating institution agrees to make a good faith effort to defray travel expenses of the NCHC Portz Scholar.

Past Portz Scholars from Kent State University

Molly MacLagan, a theatre studies major, was named a Portz Scholar in 2010.Molly MacLagan, 2010

“Early English Theatre:  A Practical Guide”

This paper outlines one means of effective delivery of an early English cycle play from the Chester Cycle to a modern, 21st-century audience by following a group of students from Kent State University as they prepared, produced, and performed Play 13 of the cycle.

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David R. Hill, 2008 

“Evolution of Quorum Sensing Genes in the Genus Burkholderia”

This project was designed to enhance our understanding of the evolution of quorum-sensing genes, using complete genomes of representatives of genus Burkholderia and several other closely related Proteobacteria. The study suggest adaptive diversification and specificity of CepIR systems, possibly driven by kin discrimination in the production of public goods, such as virulence proteins.

Douglas Antibus, 2007

"Microbial and Photochemical Transformations of Dissolved Organic Carbon in a Great Lakes Coastal Wetland (Old Woman Cree Ohio)"

Laura Herron, 2005

"Redemptive Memory: The Christianization of the Holocaust in America"

Erin Osborne, 2001

"Understanding Caesar's Gallic Ethnography: A Contextual Approach to Protohistory"

Jessica Anderson, 1994

"Lobocarcinus Iumacopius, A New Species of Cancrid Crab from Fayum, Egypt"