The Honors College awards merit scholarships on a competitive basis to students who demonstrate the potential for superior scholarship and creative work at the university.

The Honors College provides a variety of scholarship opportunities for students. Awards can be based on a variety of criteria including academic merit, talent, demonstrated financial need, field of study, participation in a specific program, organization or activity, and/or any combination of the above.

Scholarships for New Freshmen

Entering freshmen are automatically considered for Honors College merit scholarships as part of the admissions process.

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Scholarships for Continuing Students and Transfer Students

The Honors College has several scholarships available exclusively to Honors College students. Currently enrolled Honors College students must meet the eligibility requirements specific to each scholarship for which they are applying (and be in good standing with the Honors College). Students may apply for one or more scholarships. Please do not apply for a scholarship for which you are not fully qualified.

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National Fellowships

These awards recognize and reward students with excellent academic records who have made the most of their undergraduate experience. Students with high academic excellence, and evidence of leadership, community service and/ or research experience should seriously consider applying for a fellowship.

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