Senior Honors Portfolio

The Senior Portfolio is a graded one-credit-hour project which involves the collection of 8-10 artifacts from a student's undergraduate career accompanied by a reflective paper that explains how each artifact contributed to the student's intellectual and/or personal growth.

The Senior Portfolio provides an opportunity for students to review their work during their undergraduate experience and to select 8 -10 artifacts that provide the best evidence of meeting the following Honors College goals: academic excellence, campus and community service, global awareness, appreciation of cultural events, and personal growth.

Elements of the Portfolio

The Honors Senior Portfolio is a reflective portfolio, not a professional portfolio. The portfolio consists of two parts:

  1. Documentation of carefully selected milestones over the last four years in the form of 8-10 artifacts (written, visual, taped, etc.) that relate to the Honors College goals listed above. The 8-10 artifacts should consist of both academic and non-academic work as follows:
    • At least 3 artifacts should be work from classes or independent study projects (papers, designs, exams, etc.)
    • At least 3 artifacts should be from non-classroom activities (i.e. study away, campus activity or organization, cultural event, service project, on- or off-campus job, etc.) in the form of photos, flyers, or letters from supervisors, etc.
    • The remaining artifacts will be distributed as the student feels appropriate.
  • A reflective 10-15 page paper which integrates this collection of artifacts with the student’s self-reflected observations of personal growth and development. The 10-15 page reflection paper, although a highly personal essay, should be a polished piece of writing.
  • Enrollment & Registration

    Students must receive written permission from an instructor under whose guidance the portfolio collection and paper will be completed. This instructor will be responsible for grading the 1-credit-hour portfolio project.

    Download the Senior Honors Portfolio Contract

    Further Information

    Students who wish to receive more information about the Senior Honors Portfolio should contact Vicki Bocchicchio, Director, Academic Programs at