Residence Services: Creating Communities that support Student Success


The Department of Residence Services is committed to enhancing and complementing the academic and personal development of  students by cultivating and nurturing values that emphasize self-awareness, engagement in learning, responsible citizenship, support and development of relationships, and the honoring of human differences for a just community. 

The expression and realization of these fundamental commitments are integrated into the provision of residential facilities,  services and programs that are designed to enhance student learning and support student success. 

Through the provision of caring and purposeful educators, committed and responsive staff, and a dynamic living experience, the department seeks to prepare students for the challenges and needs of a global and diverse society. Residence Services is committed to helping students develop their support network of resources here at Kent State. We hope that  this guide helps students start smart toward developing those connections for success. Awareness and use of these resources  provides students the level of support they often need to be successful students and residents of the campus community. 

Part one: Tips for Academic Success

Part Two: Resources for Academic Success