Academic Resource Guide - Living-Learning Communities

Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) at Kent State University are communities of students living together in the same residence hall who share similar academic or special interests. Students, faculty, and staff choose to participate in these groups with the intended purpose of enhancing and enriching in-class instruction with focused out-of-class learning experiences. Being in a Living-Learning Community and actively participating has shown to increase students’ fall and spring semester grade point average and overall campus living experience. 


Living-Learning Communities for 2013-2014 include: 

  • A Community of Entrepreneurs (ACE), housed in Prentice Hall. 
  •  Army ROTC, housed in Dunbar Hall. 
  •  Business Connection Commons (BCC), including Accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration (ABBA), Accounting Freshman Interest Group (AFIG), International Business (IBUS), and College of Business Colleagues (CBC), housed in Prentice Hall. 
  • CAEST: Aeronautics, housed in Dunbar Hall. 
  • College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), housed in Wright Hall. 
  •  College of Communication and Information (CCI) Commons, housed in Olson Hall. 
  • EXCEL: Exploratory Majors, housed in Lake Hall. 
  •  Education, Health and Human Services (EHHS), housed in Centennial Court B. 
  •  Fine Arts Community (FAC), housed in Verder Hall. 
  •  First-Year Experience (FYE), housed in Allyn, Clark, Fletcher, Manchester, and Korb halls. 
  •  Honors College, housed in Stopher and Johnson halls. 
  • International Village Experience (IVE), housed in Koonce Hall. 
  •  Public Health Living-Learning Community (PHLLC), housed in Koonce Hall. 


If you are living in a Living-Learning Community, be sure to take advantage of the numerous resources. Get to know your LLC Coordinator, form or join study groups for classes you have in common with your neighbors, and attend LLC programming.