Business Learning Community (Business First-Year Experience)

Business Learning Community

The Business Learning Community is a Living-Learning community located in Prentice Hall: the First-Year Experience for Business.

Prentice Hall is open to any student majoring in Business.

To participate in a Business Learning Community and live in Prentice Hall please visit for information.



  • A Community of Entrepreneurs (ACE)

    First year residence hall or commuter students interested in the field of entrepreneurship or business innovation.

  • Accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration (A-BBA)

    First year residence hall or commuter students interested in graduating in three years or less.

  • Accounting Freshmen Interest Group (AFIG)

    First year residence hall or commuter students interested in the field of accounting.

  • International Business (IBUS)

    First year residence hall and commuter students in any major at Kent State University who are interested in an opportunity to live among students from different cultures and learn about international business and study abroad opportunities.

  • College of Business Colleagues (CBC)

    First year residence hall or commuter students interested in the field of business.

For more information on any of the communities please click HERE.



First year students who are looking to get ahead in their college experience have the opportunity to participate in business learning community or freshmen interest group programs. These programs:

  • ENCOURAGE your academic success through sharing courses, thoughts and ideas with other students who are interested in business
  • ACCELERATE your college experience through career advice and guidance
  • CONNECT you to the College of Business Administration faculty and staff
  • DEVELOP relationships with business professionals during your freshmen year
  • INSPIRE you to learn about the business world though lectures, tours of organizations, seminars and guest speakers
  • CREATE relationships with students who share your major through on campus housing opportunities (Commuters are welcomed, too.)

Requirements for the admission to the BLC

In order to live in the Business Learning Community (on a first come first served basis) students must be admitted to Kent State University and be majoring in Business or have an interest in Entrepreneurship. For more information about the Business Learning Community please click here.

Need more information?

Coordinator Contact Information:
Amy Calapa
Academic Advisor
Phon: 330-672-2832