The Aeronautics Living-Learning Community through the College of Applied Engineering, Sustainability, and Technology (CAEST) is housed in Koonce Hall and is open to first and second year students who are majoring in Aeronautics.

Benefits of living in the Aeronatutics LLC:

  • Live with other Aeronautics students who understand the demands and rigor of the program
  • Linked courses—share many of the same Aeronautics courses with other members, including the First Year Experience and Intro to Aeronautics
  • Mentorship—receive guidance from upperclassmen Aeronautics students on College and campus life
  • Special Events—enjoy social gatherings, professional development workshops, and industry on-site visits
  • Learn about clubs, organizations, and programs Aeronautics students commonly get involved in
  • Access open academic advising appointments in your residence hall 
  • Meet alumni leaders in your field and enjoy an End of the Year Luncheon with the Dean

Requirements for admission:

Incoming freshmen enrolled in CAEST majoring in Aeronautics, with a minimum high school GPA of 2.5, or returning sophomore Aeronautics students with a Kent State cumulative GPA of 2.25 are eligible to live in this community.  

How do I join?

To join the CAEST Aeronautics community, simply request to be placed in the Aeronautics community in the LLC section on your residence hall application and choose Koonce Hall as your number one building choice. The Department of Residence Services will try its best to accommodate all room requests, but we cannot guarantee that your request will be filled.

To learn more about the Aeronautics and College of Applied Engineering, Sustainability and Technology visit the CAEST website.

Coordinator Contact Information:

You can email Heather Ryan, an Academic Advisor for CAEST at or 330-672-9861