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As a mentee, you will receive assistance from Peer Mentors during your transition to Kent State University and develop strategies for success during your time in college. Your Peer Mentor will be a supportive resource as you encounter new academic experiences.


Peer mentors gain self-pride in knowing that they are making a difference by helping others. The title of Peer Mentor is an excellent addition to a college resume as well. As a Peer Mentor, you will receive a comprehensive training session which is designed to introduce Peer Mentors to effective communication skills and group activities, dealing with diversity and successful conflict resolution.



While this program is designed to benefit you, it involves a few basic responsibilities on your part:

  • Seek advice and communicate with your mentor
  • Meet with your mentor outside of the UC 10097 First Year Experience course on a weekly-basis.
  • Attend all scheduled Peer Mentoring Program events with your mentor.
  • Be enthusiastic about this opportunity! Your mentor is excited to be working with you!

As a Peer Mentor, you are expected to help first year students by:

  • Assisting with the UC 10097 FYE course as determined by the instructor
  • Conducting one-on-one mentoring meetings with mentees
  • Attending events/activities associated with the Peer Mentor Program
  • Guiding mentees through their first year
  • Assisting with staffing College of Arts and Sciences Welcome Weekend events
  • Meeting with Peer Mentoring Program coordinators to review progress of meetings with mentees, and in-class presentations/activities/discussions for FYE course


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