First Year Experience (FYE)

The First-Year Experience Living-Learning Community is comprised of five residence halls consisting of first-year students interested in living with other first-year students. Students who live in these communities have a first-year roommate, have access to tutors and academic support specialists who hold regular evening office hours inside these residence halls, and have a smaller student to peer staff ratio that is intended to help first-year students make social and academic connections with one another. During the evening tutoring office hours, students living in this area are able to easily drop-in with questions or make an appointment to gain assistance with math, writing, and other studies without having to leave the comforts of the residence hall where they live. Students living in this area can also take advantage of the academic and social support programming hosted in these halls. Program topic areas may include helping students organize study groups, study skill development workshops, career and major choice discussions, leadership involvement opportunities, community service opportunities, and general advising.

The services and programs in FYE are designed to assist first-year students through their transition to a collegiate atmosphere and the larger academic community. There is no required course work linked to joining the FYE Living-Learning community.


Students living in the FYE living learning community are housed in multiple buildings. These buildings include:

Students who live and participate in the FYE living learning community will have convenient access to benefits, such as:

  • Living with other first-year students facing the same questions & uncertainties.
  • Personalized support from tutors, Supplemental Instruction and other staff holding office hours in the Eastway Outreach Center located in the Eastway Complex.
  • Enjoy the benefits of small staff to student ratio intended to assist students with getting connected to campus and to other Kent State students living on-campus.
  • Convenient access to programs and events that are intended to assist first-year students in getting involved in campus organizations, developing study skills, expanding leadership experiences, engaging in community service opportunities, and meeting other new students through social interaction.
  • Supportive environment that encourages students to ask questions and obtain added support during their transition to university life.
Requirements for admission:

To participate in a First Year Experience community, students must be first-year students attending Kent State University.

How do I join?

To join the FYE, you should request to be placed in the FYE Living-Learning Community section of the housing application and select the FYE buildings as your first choice in the building preferences section of the housing application. Residence Services will seek to accommodate all room requests however, we cannot guarantee your request will be filled.  If you have already applied for housing and wish to change your Living Learning Community and building preferences you may do so by simply logging back into your housing application using your FlashLine user name and password to make the necessary changes prior to July 1.

Coordinator contact information :

Lindsay Marx
Assistant Director, Academic and Student Leadership Programs
Email: lmarx@kent.edu
Phone: 330-672-9146