Housing Announcements

Housing Announcements

Room change and room swap information

The room freeze period has lifted for the fall semester for any student interested in changing rooms, although space is still very limited. 

All students also have the option of doing a room swap, which is a direct trading of spaces with another resident on campus. Any room change or swap must be completed within 48 hours. For information about facilitating a room swap, or with questions about the room change process and what options you have, please speak with your Residence Hall Director.

Transitional Housing

With the current demand for on campus housing, some students who submitted their housing applications near or after the housing deadline may initially be assigned to transitional housing to being the year. Please click HERE for detailed information regarding transitional housing.

Fall 2015/Spring 2016 Incoming Student Housing Application

The fall 2015/spring 2016 Incoming Student Housing Application is now available.