Phone Services

Due to the decreased use of landline phones in student rooms, landline-telephone services has been discontinued. However, there is an option to acquire phones service for those that require it.

Basic phone service (phone not included) can be provided at a cost of $65 for the initial setup and a $60 per semester charge for the service.This service will allow for local and on-campus calling only. Long distance service is not included and requires a personal calling card which can be purchased at any major retail store. Voicemail is also not included. If this service is required you will need to provide your own answering machine.

If you would like to continue using the landline phone service provided by the University, please download the Phone Request Form (PDF), complete and return it to:

George Edmiston
Korb Hall - Residence Services
1425 Petrarca Drive Kent, OH 44242

Can I make long distance phone calls using my on-campus phone?
No, long distance calls are not included. To place a long distance call you must use a calling card. 

How much does on-campus phone service cost?
There is a $65 activation fee and a $60 per semester charge for the service. Please note the activation fee is for one line of service in one particular residence hall room. If you change rooms and would like to continue using the phone service, you will be required to pay an additional $65 activation fee. 

How will I be billed?
All charges will be posted to your KSU student account. 

Can I dial emergency services on an inactive phone line?
No, inactive phone lines will not have a dial tone. There are active phone lines throughout each residence hall including Resident Assistant rooms, Area Desks and courtesy phones.