The class will meet five (5) times. Classes will meet on the same day and time each week (you will choose a section when you register). The Leadership for Dynamic Communities workshop is designed to develop the candidate's skills and knowledge in a variety of areas such as:

  • Communication
  • Diversity Awareness/Social Justice
  • Decision-Making/Restorative Justice
  • Student Development
  • Community Development/Community Development Model (CDM)

Each of these skills are utilized within the RA position.

The workshop is taught by full-time, master's level, Residence Hall Directors. The workshop will be held on campus in one of the University's academic buildings or residence halls.

Successful completion of the Leadership for Dynamic Communities workshop and a positive recommendation from the instructor(s) results in "Eligible for Hire" status. This means you will be placed in the "Eligible for Hire," pool from which Residence Hall Directors hire their staff for the coming year or semester.

The "RA Draft" is the day when all Residence Hall Directors meet to select their staff for the upcoming year. Those not hired during the initial draft are placed in the ‘RA Alternate’ pool.

Please note that if you are not hired during the initial draft, you may be offered a position at any time following the draft. Position vacancies occur for a multitude of reasons and at various times throughout the summer and academic year. Once you are in the “RA Alternate” pool, your application will be active until the Friday prior to Spring Break of the following year.

**If you attended a LDC Workshop held in the fall your application will remain active until the Friday prior to Thanksgiving Break of the following year. At that time you will need to submit an updated cover letter and résumé to remain eligible for hire for subsequent semesters.

See RA Pool Information for more details on the ‘RA Alternate' pool.