RA - Things to Consider


The RA position is a lifestyle change

Can you be responsible for setting a good example?

  • Serving as a role model is expected of RAs, whether on or off campus.

Consider your credit load and the type of classes you plan on taking for the next academic year, and your study habits.

RAs are required to make time for duty (Sunday through Thursday RA(s) on duty are expected to be available in designated residence hall(s) from 8pm to 7am. Friday and Saturday nights RA(s) on duty are expected to be available in designated residence hall(s) from 8pm to 8am), one on one meetings, staff meetings, trainings, hall council, programs/events, floor activities, bulletin boards, staff committees, scheduled office hours, community hours, and more.

During duty RAs cannot leave the building, and can be called frequently to assist with situations.

When are you used to doing homework, socializing, spending time with family, etc.?

  • RAs can take up to ten (10) nights away per semester, and there are times RA staff are required to be on campus; this does include many nights and weekends.

RAs also come early and stay late. This does involve RA staff coming back approximately 2 weeks early before school starts in August, staying on campus and working for the Thanksgiving holiday, staying several days late and coming back several days early during winter break, staying several days late and coming back days early during Spring Break, staying several days late after classes end in May, etc.

Do you hold leadership positions? How many organizations, clubs, or activities are you involved in?

  • RA events will take priority over involvement in outside organizations, so if an RA event happens at the same time as your organization meeting or event, individuals will need to be at the RA event.

Consider how your previous job experience and teamwork may be similar or different from the RA position.

  • RAs frequently work together as a staff team, which can mean working with 5 or more other people to accomplish something.
  • RAs are also called on to confront violations, and are expected to remain professional at all times.

What are your financial responsibilities and will you receive adequate financial aid for the next academic year?

  • Because of the compensation received, being an RA may reduce the amount of financial aid people receive.
  • Contact the Financial Aid office to inquire about potential changes in your specific situation.

Are you willing to work late nights? Will this impact your sleeping habits?

  • While on duty, RAs walk through the building multiple times per night. For most RAs, this means staying up as late as 2:00 am on weekends.

Will you be able to plan and attend multiple programs each week?

  • RAs are required to host one event for their floor(s) during the first six weeks of school, and one every two weeks following that, along with completing four other events for the semester, attending hall council, and more.

Do you have the ability to relate to other students?

Are you able to successfully balance your academic responsibilities with other aspects of your life?

Are you willing to work as a member of a team?

 Are you open to new ideas? Constructive criticism?

Are you open to new ideas and trying new things even if it may feel uncomfortable at first?

 Is you GPA where it needs to be? (at least 2.50 current and cumulative for undergraduates - at least 3.00 current and cumulative for graduates at all points of the process)

If you are an undergraduate will you have completed at least 30 credit hours at the time of hire?

Do you meet all of the eligibility requirements?

Things to Prepare