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Summer School Housing

Things to know about summer housing:


View the Summer Housing Application (PDF)

  • Summer housing is available to all Kent State students who will be taking summer classes and/or who are enrolled for fall classes.
  • Summer housing for 2016 will be located in Allyn Hall – all students will be assigned to either a single or double room.
    • The rate for a double room (with a roommate) is $200 per week (per student).
    • The rate for a single room is $248 per week (single rooms are a double room where the student is guaranteed not to have a roommate assigned).
  • Summer housing is contracted on a weekly basis starting Sunday and ending on Saturday.
  • You may add or remove weeks from your summer housing application at any point by completing a change of contract form at the Residence Services office in Korb Hall.
  • Students who reside on campus during the spring semester will be able to move directly into their summer housing assignment if they are contracted for the first week of the intersession term.