Continuing Study Courses & Workshops Admissions

Professionals in the information industry are invited to take individual courses and workshops that will advance their skills in a particular area.


Kent State University offers you two options to take individual courses for self-improvement, intellectual curiosity or professional development, without obtaining a degree. Both options require a bachelor's degree or equivalent from an accredited institution:

  • Guest students can take up to six (6) semester hours of graduate-level courses.
  • Non-degree students can take up to twelve (12) semester hours of graduate-level courses.

For specific requirements and application details for these two categories, visit,

Note: Enrollment in some courses is restricted to current students only. Check the course description in the Graduate Catalog or email to find out if a course of interest is restricted.


Workshops offer you an opportunity to study select topics in depth, whether to refresh their skills or to learn new ones.

  • Non-students: If you are not currently registered for courses at Kent State, contact the Office of Continuing and Distance Education at 330-672-3100 to register for workshops.
  • Current students: Consult the Workshop-Course Overlap List before registering for a workshop. Up to four (4) workshop credits may be counted toward the degree. Register for workshops in FlashLine, in the same way you register for courses.


Note: In order to be compliant with federal and state laws related to online education and consumer protection, Kent State University may not be able offer online programs to students residing in certain states. In addition, some state laws may impose limitations that could affect a program of study, including inability to offer on-ground internships. Since this compliance undergoes continuous updates, non-Ohio residents interested in pursuing any School of Library and Information Science programs are advised to consult official Kent State information on state authorization before applying to this program.