Ann G. Allan, Ph.D., Associate Professor Emeritus

Carolyn S. Brodie, Ph.D., Professor Emerita,

Greg Byerly, Ph.D., Associate Professor Emeritus

Lois Buttlar, Ph.D., Professor Emerita

William Caynon, Ph.D., Associate Professor Emeritus

Rosemary DuMont, Ph.D., Professor Emerita

Thomas J. Froehlich, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus: tfroehli@kent.edu

Constance Mellott, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Emerita (deceased)

Richard Rubin, Ph.D., Associate Provost Emeritus; Professor Emeritus; Former Director, School of Library and Information Science

Don A. Wicks, Ph.D., Associate Professor Emeritus:; 226-980-6739

Lubomyr R. Wynar, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Former Director, Center for the Study of Ethnic Publications and Cultural Institutions in the United States