Ph.D. in Communication & Information Admissions

Application Deadline

The College of Communication and Information coordinates applications to this interdisciplinary doctoral program. All application materials are due February 1.

Admissions Procedures

For complete details on admissions requirements for the Ph.D., visit the Ph.D. admissions website.

In addition to regular application requirements of the university, admission to the College of Communication and Information Ph.D. program normally requires the following:

  • Completion of the academic requirements of a master's degree in one of the disciplines represented in the College of Communication and Information or in a discipline related to the applicant's proposed course of study. Applicants with academic preparation in other fields may be required to enroll in preparatory course work at the master's level that will not count toward the Ph.D. degree.
  • A minimum 3.3 (where A=4.0) graduate GPA (GPA above 3.5 strongly recommended).
  • A Verbal score of 600 and a Quantitative score of 600 (or the equivalent score in the new testing format) on the Graduate Record Examination.
  • Superior letters of recommendation from those in a position to evaluate graduate academic performance and potential.
  • A statement of purpose describing the applicant's academic goals and intended topics of study that are compatible with the focus of this doctoral program. It is expected that this statement will clearly indicate why the applicant wishes to pursue doctoral education. Included in the statement of purpose should be an indication of the theoretical area or areas the applicant wishes to study and the line of research the applicant wishes to pursue. Statements that make reference only to the applicant's teaching or administrative goals are strongly discouraged. Guidelines for Writing the Statement of Purpose are available at the link above.
  • A sample of superior scholarly writing (published paper, major term paper, thesis chapter, etc.)

International Students

International applicants normally are expected to achieve a minimum score of 590 on the paper-based TOEFL examination or the equivalent in another testing format.