Web-Enabled E-Learning Knowledge Management (Post Bachelor’s) Graduate Certificate

The Web-Enabled E-Learning Knowledge Management (Post Bachelor’s) Graduate Certificate is for individuals seeking to improve skills and employment opportunities in the knowledge management field. Online courses link students, instructors and guest speakers on a global scale and offer the flexibility of coursework completion at times convenient to the student.

This certificate is a valuable complement your degree in business, computer science, information science, management or similar field. Employees with knowledge management training are highly valued by many organizations and agencies. Kent State graduates are employed by leading firms in the region and nationwide.

Six (6) courses, or 18 credit hours, are required to receive the certificate. Students working on the certificate are permitted to change their enrollment to the full program and can apply the courses taken (up to 12 hours) to the Master of Science with a concentration in knowledge management.

Note: certificates that are eligible for federal financial aid have been designated “gainful employment” programs by the U.S. Department of Education. As such, we are required to disclose publically the annual cost of attendance, median student debt and completion rates of graduates for each certificate.