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Make an Advising Appointment

Regular academic advising will ensure a smooth experience in your academic program and will better prepare you for graduation. The School of Journalism and Mass Communication Academic Advising Office helps undergraduate students explore JMC majors, evaluate transfer credit, understand curriculum requirements and course scheduling, and prepare graduation requirements.

From day one, you will be assigned an advisor, who will stay with you throughout your undergraduate experience. Your advisor is assigned based on the first letter of your last name, as follows:

A-E: Advisor—Amy Wilkens ( 

F-M: Advisor—Chris Venable (

N-Z: Advisor—Samantha Antoine (

All JMC undergrads are required to meet with their advisors.

JMC advising appointments are available online. Scheduled appointments are strongly recommended. 

The JMC Academic Advising Office is in room 334 of Franklin Hall. The phone number is (330) 672-8293 and the email address is

As a reminder, if you just have a quick question -- such as getting enrolled in a class, class requirement overrides, scheduling conflicts or if you live far away from the Kent campus, you may call or e-mail our office and ask for an advisor.

All JMC students are required to take a minimum of 72 credit hours outside of the discipline. Learn more about the 72-hour requirement.


Once all sections of a course have maxed to capacity, the enrollment will show as a negative enrollment. If a course has negative enrollment you know that there is a waitlist for that course.

To register for the waitlisted course here is what you will need to complete the waitlist.

1. Flashline login 
2. Banner ID Number
3. Class Standing
4. Expected Graduation Semester
5. Major/Minor
6. Course you’d like to be waitlisted for

To begin the process please select the link below to get started!

JMC Student Waitlist Registration 

* Please note the browser requirement. You must have one of the two most recent versions of the following browsers: 

  • Chrome 
  • Firefox
  • Safari (not supported on Windows)
  • Internet Explorer

If you do not want to update your browser you must first login to Flashline in a separate tab, and then select the link to the waitlist. 


Graduate students should contact faculty graduate coordinators, Mark Goodman ( or 330-672-6239) or Jan Leach ( or 330-672-4289).