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When you enroll in JMC, you join a network of nearly 8,000 alumni across the nation and across the nation and globe. We help our School of Journalism and Mass Communication alumni stay connected with each other and current JMC students through the following:

As alumni rise to become leaders in their professions, Kent State University JMC provides opportunities for them to offer mentoring, internships, and job placement assistance. Our alumni have remarkable stories to tell about their career experiences; here are a few worth sharing.


Where have our newest alumni landed? You'll find them working across the country and across the media and communication industries. We even have some famous graduates of Kent State JMC. 

Here are some highlights


Katy Coduto
2014 Master of Arts, Media Management

2013 Digital Media Production Graduate

During her time in JMC, Coduto would have never imagined her career path would lead her to working in advertising.

“While my career path unfolded in some unexpected ways, my experience in JMC’s extracurricular activities prepared me for everything that has happened,” Coduto said of her experiences working in TV2 and The Kent Stater.

Coduto earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in JMC, gaining research and writing experience that assists her in her current position as a strategic planner at Marcus Thomas LLC.

“I found my passion for research as a graduate student, and I’m glad every professor I had encouraged me to pursue that passion,” Coduto said.

In 2015, Coduto returned to JMC to teach as an adjunct professor, teaching Audience Analysis and Research in Advertising and PR. 

Ashley Sepanski
2011 Journalism Graduate

A Web Producer at O, The Oprah Magazine/, Sepanski credits her success back to skills she learned during her time in JMC.

“Working in student media as a reporter and eventually an editor gave me realistic hands-on experience and helped me develop the confidence and professionalism I use in my job every day,” Sepanski said.

Sepanski fulfilled her internship with Cleveland Magazine and held her first job with The Toledo Blade. Her experience with The Burr and staff members like Jacqueline Marino gave her the skills to succeed in her professional life. “The staff at JMC pushed me to think in different ways, to ask questions, to be confident and to work hard. They taught me to reach for goals that seemed unachievable…” Sepanski said. 

Isaac Versaw
2013 Advertising Graduate

During his time at Kent State, Versaw always had his sights set on New York City.

“I always wanted to be in the Big Apple because I knew it’s where I’d have the best chance at doing really cool work with really top-notch talent,” Versaw said.

Proving hard work pays off; Versaw is currently working in the social media department at Deutsch, one of AdAge’s A-List Agencies in New York City.

Being an active member of Franklin Advertising and The Burr staff and working for IdeaBase gave Versaw a competitive edge after graduation. “I took the initiative to make the kinds of things I liked and knew could be added to my portfolio with the other work I was curating from school projects,” Versaw said. In addition to extracurricular courses, he created ‘passion projects’ to take his skills outside of the classroom. 

Phylicia McCorkle
2013 Masters of Arts, Public Relations 
Placing emphasis on the relationship between sports and education, McCorkle spent eight months with the Akron Rubber Ducks during her time at Kent State, studying the team's community relations initiatives for her thesis. 

McCorkle's thesis work prepared her for her current position, working as a community relations staff member for the Cincinnati Reds.

“I’m really excited to be getting my hands dirty and making a difference with the Reds,” McCorkle said. “I get to apply what I learned at Kent and see my thesis research come to life.”

The transition from studying the Aeros to working for the Reds was easy, McCorkle said, and she credits the skills and life lessons she learned at JMC with that ease. From learning the dynamics of building relationships in the Media Relations and Publicity course to honing her personal brand and professional skills in the Global Ad & PR course, McCorkle felt prepared to take on her community relations role with the Reds.

“Studying abroad for Global Ad & PR helped me see the global aspect of public relations, which is really helpful working with a large organization like the Reds,” McCorkle said.

Lauren Miller
2013 Masters of Arts, Media Management
2012 Broadcast Journalism Graduate 

After receiving her bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism and completing her media management master’s courses, Miller landed a position at the Home Shopping Network (HSN) as a digital merchandise assistant, headquartered in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

“I absolutely love my job,” Miller said. “HSN is trying to strengthen its online presence, and that’s really what I’m here for. It is such an interesting network; there’s always someone talking about it.”

Miller credits her internship experiences and her involvement in TV2 with preparing her to work for a large cable television network.

“I learned practical skills of how to be a manager and how to make things work in a high-stress environment,” Miller said of her time as a producer at TV2. “I learned how to coordinate pieces coming from all different departments, especially when I produced the 2012 election show.”

Jasen Sokol 
2013 Masters of Arts, Broadcast Journalism

“The Jasen Sokol Show” first aired on WAKR on Feb. 24, 2014, and Sokol said he could not believe he was hosting his own show so soon after graduation.

“It’s been great and kind of crazy,” Sokol said. “WAKR originally hired me to do traffic, so I didn’t think for a second that I’d be doing what I’m doing one year out of Kent State.” Sokol's show focuses on delivering unbiased news to Northeast Ohians.

During his time at Kent State, Sokol worked for WKSU and TV2.

“My work at TV2 really helped me improve on air,” Sokol said. “I can’t say enough good things about TV2. It’s the best pre-professional training I had.”

Sokol said his education inside the classroom was unparalleled. Some of his classes - like Broadcast Beat Reporting with professor Gary Hanson - were able to “whip [him] into shape” and help him to become the broadcaster he is today.

“Kent State is a name brand in education for journalists,” Sokol said. “They train people the right way; students are trained to work in the real world and hit the ground running.”