Best Places to Study & Tips

What are your four favorite places to study on Kent State main campus?

  1. Fourth floor of the library.
  2. Third floor, White Hall, after 3 p.m.
  3. Instructional Resource Center, White Hall
  4. Third Floor, Memorial and Convocation Center (anywhere)
-Colin Anderson, JMC junior
  1. Starbucks (Gold Members - every 13th drink is free.)
  2. Dorm floor lounge.
  3. Outside (basically only first month of fall semester).
  4. Friend's apartment.
-Sarah Bergert, JMC senior
  1. Fourth floor of the library.
  2. Your bed.
  3. Starbucks.
  4. Tree City.
-Christina Bucciere, JMC senior
  1. Fourth floor of the Library
  2. Franklin Hall Reading Room
  3. Franklin Hall Student Org. Room
  4. First floor of Oscar Ritchie Hall
-Meghan Caprez, JMC senior
  1. Bedroom.
  2. Library.
  3. In a group.
  4. Starbucks.
-Hilary Crisan, JMC senior
  1. Residence hall lounges.
  2. Library.
  3. Starbucks.
  4. Jazzman's (first floor student center).
-Hanna Moore, JMC sophomore
  1. Of course, the library!  It is always best to study in the library because MOST of the students there are there for the same reason as you, to study!
  2. The study rooms/lounges in the residence halls.  The study rooms/lounges are perfect places to study.  They are quiet and you do not have to leave your building to get there.  I would not suggest studying in your own room, because there are too many distractions!
  3. The third floor of the student center is a great place to study if you are trying to pass time in between classes and you do not want to go back to your residence hall or if you are a commuter.  There are tables and chairs on the third floor for a reason!
  4. Another great place to study is the Student Multicultural Center located on the third floor of the student center.  It is a quiet place with tables and chairs.  There is always someone in there studying!
-Daria Gaither, JMC sophomore
  1. Tree City Coffee
  2. Scribbles Coffee
  3. Private rooms in the library
  4. Starbucks... Can you tell I love coffee shops?
-Chelsea Kiko, JMC senior
  1. Food4Thought Cafe in White Hall
  2. Bottom floor of the Student Center
  3. Fourth floor of the library
  4. In your dorm.
-Brittany Kline, JMC senior
  1. One of the library's quiet floors.
  2. The second floor of the Student Center overlooking Risman Plaza.
  3. With a group of other students!  This is so helpful to catch things you may have missed.
  4. Outdoors!  Fresh air and a change of scenery does wonders sometimes.
-Erica Mucci, JMC senior
  1. Fourth floor of the Kent State Library.
  2. Upstairs in the Kent Student Center.
  3. Dorm room lounge.
  4. Outside of Eastway Center.
-Halie Rogers, JMC sophomore
  1. Figure out when it's the best time for you to study.  If you're awake and alert, you'll retain more.  I promise.
  2. Make up a study schedule.  Know what your prof will cover ahead of time and when you need to work or exercise, so that you're making time to study.
  3. Make sure that you read the topic before class.  You probably want to know what's going on before you get there.
  4. Make study groups.  If you get together with other people from class, you're meeting new people and building a support system if you happen to miss class.  The extra perspective and notes are added bonuses.
-Rachel Purget, JMC senior
  1. Library, library, library, library.  Stay out of the lounges, it will never work.
-Justin Rice, JMC senior
  1. Between StoJo (outside!).
  2. Downtown Kent - by the river.
  3. Sixth floor library - quiet.
  4. Dorm floor lounge.
-Amber Rowe, JMC senior
  1. The library, except the fourth floor!
  2. Tree City.
  3. The reading room in Franklin Hall.
  4. Second floor of the Student Center.
  5. Anywhere in Franklin Hall.
-Kathleen Shevlin, JMC senior
  1. The library is a no-brainer.  It gets me out of my living area and helps me focus on the assignments I need to get done.
  2. The lounge of your residence hall is also a good place to study if you like studying in a group.
-Bryan Webb, JMC senior
  1. Top floors in the library
  2. Anywhere outside (if possible)
  3. Computer labs
  4. Somewhere quiet
-Paul Wiedt, JMC senior