Course Syllabus | Kent State University

Question: What are the four things you need to know about the Course Syllabus?

  1. READ IT.

  2. LEARN IT.

  3. CHECK IT.

  4. This is your contract for the course—make sure you know what you are required to do/know/learn!

-Professor Danielle Coombs, Associate Director (pictured)
  1. It’s a contract between you and your professor, so take it seriously.

  2. Note your instructor’s office hours and visit.

  3. Look for quiz and test dates and put them in your calendar or planner.

  4. Make sure you know what happens if assignments are late.

-Professor Jan Leach
  1. Professor’s NAME!

  2. When their office hours are (use them).

  3. When all your assignments are due (put them in a planner).

  4. When all your tests/quizzes are due(put them in a planner).

-Amy Wilkens, advisor