Diversity at JMC


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In 2012, JMC created a Diversity and Globalization Committee to work closely with all faculty and staff, as well as Kent State’s Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, as well as the Student Voice Team, on all matters of diversity impacting JMC.

Committee members include:

  • Gene Shelton, Professor and Chair
  • Karl Idsvoog, Associate Professor 
  • Luke Armour, Assistant Professor 
  • Kevin Dilley, Director of Student Media
  • Traci E. Williams, Lecturer
  • John Butte, Practitioner-in-Residence and Coordinator for Career Services
  • Samantha Lingenfelter, Graduate Program Assistant


The School of Journalism and Mass Communication (JMC) at Kent State University seeks to attract, retain and develop the most talented students from across the nation and, increasingly, the world, to build the next generation of media and communication industry professionals. Our continued success depends on our ability to engage the diverse skills, experiences and backgrounds of students.  To advance this goal, JMC created the Student Voice Team (SVT) in 2013.

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The SVT will be composed of not more than 15 current JMC students at the graduate and undergraduate levels who represent the demographic, academic and experiential diversity of our School.  Students will be nominated to serve on the SVT for one academic year.  Students can be re-nominated for an additional academic year, as appropriate.

SVT members will work together to represent the diverse voices and viewpoints of the JMC student body. Specifically, the SVT will:

  • Gain awareness of the diversity and globalization goals of the School;
  • Help the School achieve its diversity and globalization goals:
  • Recommend ways to increase the engagement of underrepresented   and underserved student groups;
  • Help JMC students, faculty and staff learn about and better appreciate others whose backgrounds are different from their own;
  • Raise concerns that could impede JMC from achieving its diversity goals;
  • Help JMC address specific challenges and opportunities related to diversity and inclusion; and
  • Help make diversity and globalization relevant to all JMC students, faculty and staff.

The SVT will work in collaboration with JMC’s Diversity and Globalization Committee to aid underrepresented and underserved students enter, persist and graduate from JMC.

The SVT is a JMC-wide asset and as such will advise the Director and Associate Director, as well as the JMC Diversity and Globalization Committee, through at least three reports during the academic year.


The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) is back at Kent State and quickly gaining new ground.  

NABJ Kent is an organization of journalists, students and media professionals that encourages students of color to work in student media. NABJ membership is open to all JMC students and majors, and to all Kent State students who are interested in student media. Kent’s chapter was originally established at JMC by the late Dr. Evonne Whitmore, but went inactive in 2009.

NABJ is the nation’s largest organization of journalists of color, with more than 3,000 members. NABJ awards nearly $100,000 in scholarships and internships each year to college and high school students nationwide, as well as fellowships for seasoned professionals.

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