Faculty News | Kent State University

JMC professors bring a wealth of knowledge and industry-specific expertise to their teaching. Outside of the classroom, they make outstanding contributions to their respected fields of study through publishing, research, service and other academic pursuits. 

Associate Professor Candace Perkins Bowen and Professor Mark Goodman hosted 30 journalism educators and lawmakers for “State Legislation Protecting Student Press Freedom: New Voices on the Move,” on Nov. 18, 2016. Read more about the symposium: http://www.kent.edu/jmc/news/advocating-student-press-freedom.

Associate Professor and CCI Interim Associate Dean Danielle Sarver Coombs, Ph.D., appeared on several segments of NPR’s “Sound of Ideas” leading up to and following Election 2016.

Associate Professor Michele Ewing delivered two presentations at the PRSA 2016 International Conference in Indianapolis in October. With her research partners, she presented findings for the second phase of a study designed to establish standards for internal communication. She also participated in a panel discussion to share best practices for advising the national Bateman case studies competition, hosted by PRSSA.

Assistant Professor David Foster’s short documentary film, “The Ocularist,” was accepted into the Chagrin Documentary Film Fest. The documentary tells the story of a man who creates artificial eyes and instills confidence in individuals – from veterans to cancer patients – who have lost their eyesight.

Assistant Professor Scott Hallgren was the score composer and audio supervisor for the documentary “Perfect 36: When Women Won the Vote,” which tells the story of Tennessee’s role in ratifying the 19th Amendment. The documentary will air on PBS in March 2017. He also recently finished scoring “The Disturbances,” a documentary about the genocide in Nigeria in 1966, which has begun screening in educational venues around the country. 

Assistant Professor Cheryl Ann Lambert, Ph.D., published an article titled “College Health Providers’ Student-Centered Care” and co-authored a book chapter, “Public Relations Representations in Popular Culture: A ‘Scandal’ on Primetime Television.” Read more about the book chapter: http://www.kent.edu/jmc/news/scandal-public-relations.

Associate Professor Jan Leach was a panelist at the Press Club of Cleveland’s event, “Media and the 2016 Presidential Election: A Changing Role in a Year of Change,” on Dec. 1. Earlier this semester, she earned Kent State’s highest teaching honor, the Distinguished Teaching Award. She was honored at a luncheon on Oct. 21. Read more: http://www.kent.edu/jmc/news/jmc-professor-earns-kent-states-highest-teaching-honor

Associate Professor Jacqueline Marino completed research on how millennials interact with long-form storytelling on mobile devices. Read about her findings: http://www.kent.edu/jmc/news/reading-learn.

Senior Lecturer Traci Williams presented “How the Media Conditions Society to Devalue Black Lives,” at McKendree University’s (Illinois) brown bag series in September 2016.

Assistant Professor Chance York, Ph.D., co-authored a chapter in “Political Socialization in a Media Saturated-World.” His research illustrates that children whose parents expose them to news and talk to them about current events at a young age, are more likely to vote when they reach young adulthood and continue consuming news. Read more: http://www.kent.edu/jmc/news/how-do-we-form-political-habits-and-views