First-Year Musts | Kent State University

What are four things you absolutely have to do your first year?

  1. Go to the activities fair, "Blast Off," to check out all the clubs and organizations Kent State has to offer.

  2. Go to every single class no matter what.

  3. Go to the Kent State Homecoming Football game.

  4. Meet with your advisor frequently.

-Halie Rogers, JMC sophomore
  1. Get involved. Get involved in as many student organizations as possible.

  2. Meet everyone. Do whatever you can to meet as many people as possible. Networking is everything these days.

  3. Go to at least one game/match of every sport. Most of them are free for Kent students anyways.

  4. Get a job on-campus. You'll have some extra income and you'll learn a lot about how the campus operates...I promise.

-Bryan Webb, JMC senior
  1. Go to the Rec. Recreation services is free for students and includes lots of cool activities and equipment to get you healthy. The rock climbing wall is reason enough to go.

  2. Read the Daily Kent Stater. You only have to read it once, but it’s a good way to keep up with what’s going on on-campus. The first issue is just for you! They produce it just to make sure your first week at Kent State isn’t hell week.

  3. Keep up with current events. I promise it’ll make your classes easier. All of your J School classes will require you to know what’s going on in the world. Get in a good habit and start keeping up with CNN or MSNBC or NPR.

  4. Walk part of the Portage Hike and Bike Trail. This trail runs part way through campus and out to Dix Stadium. The trial is a nice way to get away from campus and enjoy the outdoors.

-Rachel Purget, JMC senior