Four Things You Need for Residence Halls | Kent State University

Four Things You Need for Residence Halls

If you are moving into a Residence Hall, what four things do you need to bring from home?

  1. A winter jacket (it’s always freezing).

  2. TV! 

  3. Favorite movies/BluRay player. 

  4. Bedding.

-Sarah Bergert, JMC senior
  1. Sweatpants

  2. A recorder 

  3. Coffee 

  4. Quarters for parking meters

-Christina Bucciere, JMC senior
  1. Clothes

  2. Toothbrush

  3. Toiletries

  4. Laptop

-Hilary Crisan, JMC senior 
  1. A heavy winter coat.

  2. A laptop.

  3. Pictures of your family.

  4. A bookbag.

-Brittany Kline, JMC senior
  1. An umbrella (preferably a bubble umbrella that won’t flip inside out).

  2. Winter boots (because it will snow A LOT).

  3. A planner or calendar (to write down your assignments and stay organized).

  4. A good blazer or professional outfit (you never know when you will have to dress up for a job interview or a class presentation).

-Hanna Moore, JMC sophomore
  1. A fan! Kent gets so much hotter than you’d imagine. A dorm essential.

  2. Something that reminds you of home. A blanket, photos…anything!

  3. A sturdy umbrella. Monsoon season in Kent is a real thing.

  4. Clothes other than your high school letter jacket or team sweatshirts. There’s no better way to spot a freshman.

-Erica Mucci, JMC senior
  1. Pictures 

  2. Rain boots

  3. Shower kit/shoes 

  4. Mini-vacuum 

-Kathleen Shevlin, JMC senior
  1. Printer: Your life gets so much easier when you can print in your room. You might even make new friends!

  2. Good sheets: Good sleep is key to not being cranky.

  3. Chair: Dorm room chairs are awful. Bring something else to sit on.

  4. Index cards: very useful, come in fun colors!

-Alex Speidel, JMC senior
  1. Coffee pot. (My God, everyone will be your friend during finals week.)

  2. A huge coat. (Believe me, I thought it wouldn’t get as cold in Kent, but our campus is a designed to be a wind tunnel.)

  3. Food. (Meal plans run out. A snack drawer in your dorm is basically mandatory.)

  4. Bike. (We have a beautiful campus and town, enjoy it with a bike ride!)

-Alexandra Taylor, JMC senior
  1. You must bring a fan if your residence hall doesn't have air conditioning. Opened windows only do so much, and although the summer months are limited while school is in session, those buildings get HOT.

  2. Some sort of foam mattress topper. The mattresses are a little tough and not the most comfortable things in the world.

  3. An area rug that will fit in your dorm room if it doesn't have carpeting. The floor get cold on your feet in the winter.

  4. A printer and ink for your computer.

-Bryan Webb, JMC senior
  1. Laptop

  2. Winter clothes

  3. A fan for the six weeks the doors are extremely hot

  4. Flip flops/sandals for the shower 

-Paul Wiedt, JMC senior
  1.  Bring an iron... And use it. My roommate and I packed an iron but didn't think we would ever end up using it, so we shoved it up high in a storage bin. I kept forgetting we had it so there were multiple times I left my dorm looking like a wrinkled mess.

  2. Bring your favorite cereal from home. It sounds crazy, but once I found out that a box of cereal was at least $6 in campus markets, I always felt guilty for buying it and spending so much. Save yourself some of your food plan money and bring your own!

  3. Bring comfortable shoes! You will never realize how big campus is until you walk it in uncomfortable shoes and your feet are in severe pain. Swap comfort for style in the first week to give your feet some time to adjust.

  4. Invest in a handheld vacuum. My roommate and I were fairly neat people, but still felt like we were sweeping our room every day. We had to start borrowing a vacuum from girls down the hall to make our room feel clean.

-Erin Zaranec, sophomore PR major