Franklin Hall | Kent State University

Franklin Hall

What are the four cool things about Franklin Hall?

  1. It’s full of like-minded individuals who are really passionate about what they’re learning or teaching.

  2. There’s free in-class printing in a lot of the classrooms.

  3. There are a lot of places to hang out between classes (like the first and third floor lobbies, the Reading Room, the vending machine area outside the Newsroom, the Student Org. Room, etc.)

  4. It’s right across the street from Starbucks.

-Meghan Caprez, JMC senior
  1. The newsroom.

  2. TV2 Studio.

  3. Black Squirrel Radio Studio.

  4. Marcus Thomas Focus Group Room. (Some professors offer extra credit to participate in focus groups!)

-Hanna Moore, JMC sophomore
  1. The media lab on the first floor is state of the art computer suite. Take advantage of it for your projects and to learn on your own. There are times it will be empty and it will be glorious.

  2. The TV studio on the first floor is pretty cool. You can watch the team prepare and shoot the news. And if you stand around long enough, you might be able to help. Hello resume builder!

  3. The see-through classrooms. This will give you a preview of your teachers and material you’ll eventually get to see. Watch Jan Leach teach a class, she’s the most animated professor in Franklin.

  4. There’s a swimming pool! Just kidding. But there is a fourth floor that I wasn’t aware of until my senior year.

-Rachel Purget, JMC senior
  1. Knowing there are vending machines on the second floor by the newsroom may one day save your life if you're running late or running from class to class.

  2. The work labs on the first floor are great when doing audio/video projects.

  3. The lounge on the second floor is a great place to hang-out in between classes or to study before a big test in Franklin.

  4. The lobby and open lounge on the third floor (by the First Energy Auditorium) is also a great place to hang-out between classes.

-Bryan Webb, JMC senior
  1. There was a swimming pool in the basement.

  2. The TV studio is professionally outfitted and equipped.

  3. The newsroom always has lots of food around.

  4. You can get there easily by following the Esplanade.

-Professor Jan Leach
  1. Best views on campus.

  2. Tons of stuff to do.

  3. Easy walk to downtown.

  4. So close to Starbucks and DD!

-Professor Danielle Coombs, Associate Director, JMC
  1. It's history--get to know it.

  2. TV2 and Black Squirrel Radio.

  3. The people in it.

  4. It's right on the edge of the Esplanade and downtown.

-Amy Wilkens, Coordinator of Academic Advising for JMC