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JMC Majors

What are four things you need to know about the Journalism major or the Journalism majors (students)?

  1. They will talk about the top news stories, and they will expect you to take part in that conversation.

  2. Journalism majors think they know everything about everything. They’re forced to take classes on the strangest subjects, so they have a wide variety of knowledge of strange things.

  3. They don’t sleep. They’ve mastered the practice of not sleeping. Envy them for this.

-Nicole Barthel, JMC senior
  1. You’ll most likely start off as a reporter once you’ve graduated (broadcast majors).

  2. The Daily Kent Stater and TV2 are great learning experiences.

  3. Make friends with other journalism student so they can help you edit packages at 1 a.m.

  4. Franklin Hall will be your home.

-Sarah Bergert, JMC senior
  1. It will be lots of work.

  2. You have to take initiative.

  3. Creativity is rewarded.

-Christina Bucciere, JMC senior
  1. Learn how to multitask right away.

  2. LOVE to write. If you hate writing, don’t major in JMC.

  3. Take your assignments seriously. They will make for a good portfolio.

  4. The classes you dread because of the difficulty will be the best experiences. Enjoy the ride!

-Chelsea Kiko, JMC senior
  1. Find out where there’s always free food. Go there often.

  2. If you know how to use a camera well, you’re ahead of the game.

  3. The fourth floor bathrooms in Franklin Hall are always empty.

  4. Get the AP Mobile, CNN and BBC apps on your phone. Be the first to know the news!

-Alex Speidel, JMC senior
  1. You need to know your grammar.

  2. You need to keep updated on the news.

  3. Student media will help you a lot.

  4. Your internship will help you get comfortable in your major.

-Brittany Kline, JMC senior
  1. You will have way more writing assignments that any of your non-journalism friends. Don’t complain. Learn to love it or consider a different major.

  2. Stay caffeinated!

  3. Your professors have done some really amazing things in their careers. Ask them about their experiences and learn from them.

  4. Get involved and stay involved in student media. It will help you more than you can imagine.

-Erica Mucci, JMC senior
  1. You will not sleep, but Starbucks is just down the street.

  2. Your sources won’t call you back in a timely manner, but they’ll be sure to let you know what they didn’t like about the article five seconds after it was posted.

  3. Rewriting is a constant state of being.

  4. You will have the opportunity to share the stories of some of the most influential and interesting people around.

-Grace Murray, JMC senior

For Photojournalism:

  1. Always have your camera on you – shoot everything.

  2. Join the Stater as a photostringer ASAP!

  3. Always remember to get the names of the people you shoot.

  4. Keep your personal photo archives neat and well-organized. Example: 07022014_KSUbasketball_daymonthyear_subject

-Amber Rowe, JMC senior
  1. People will believe it is not a real major.

  2. People will believe you will be a bartender or tow truck driver.

  3. This is only true if you don’t try and don’t believe in your work.

-Justin Rice, JMC senior
  1. You will meet your friends in Franklin Hall.

  2. If you’re running late to class, don’t take the elevator in Franklin Hall!

  3. Franklin Hall will be your second home.

  4. Learn AP style as fast as you can.

-Kathleen Shevlin, JMC senior
  1. Sleep is optional.

  2. You’re going to become close with other people who study in Franklin Hall/close yourself off from almost everyone else.

  3. CCI Commons is a great place to live, so you can study with people of your major and use all of the technology that they offer.

  4. Participation in student media is looked at as an honor (well, at least in my eyes).

-Alexandra Taylor, JMC senior
  1. You must love your major.

  2. If you check out gear, it will almost always be missing something.

  3. Do projects ahead of class.

  4. You will become friends with people in your major.

-Paul Wiedt, JMC senior