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JMC Strategic Plan

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JMC Strategic Plan Progress Report


We are at the end of the third year since the faculty created the JMC Strategic Plan. We continue to be focused on building programs and initiatives that support the plan, but we have also learned where we need to improve both strategically and tactically. Our faculty, staff and students continue to strive for a better school and educational environment. Our faculty are currently looking at an updated strategic plan for JMC. Our goal is to have a full review of our plan every three years. The faculty will discuss implementing the new JMC Strategic Plan in fall 2016. This Progress Report is based on our current plan. We are focused on 10 goals, each with measurable objectives, supported by a collection of specific action initiatives. Since the plan was presented and approved by the FAC at the annual retreat in August 2013, through the collective efforts of JMC faculty and staff, we continue to make significant progress in achieving many of our goals. The following report highlights several of our notable accomplishments for each Goal. Updates on Student Learning Assessment (Goal #1) and Diversity (Goal #3) are listed separately in reports on each of those plans.

Download the JMC Strategic Plan Update for Fall 2016.