Personal Brand | Kent State University

What are four things you can do from "Day One" to build your personal brand?

  1. Shake the professor’s hand on the last day.

  2. Join as many extracurricular things as possible.

  3. Meet the leaders/administrators in your major.

  4. Establish your own style. Now is the time.

-Colin Anderson, JMC junior
  1. Start a blog. Decide what career path you would like to take, and begin a blog centered around that career.

-Nicole Barthel, JMC senior 
  1. Introduce yourself.

  2. Keep a list of clips.

  3. Ask a professor to look over your resume.

  4. Keep your social media professional.

-Christina Bucciere, JMC senior
  1. Create a strong social media presence.

  2. Network and make connections.

  3. Know how to use programs like InDesign.

  4. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

-Hilary Crisan, JMC senior
  1. Clean up your social media! 

  2. Start a portfolio.

  3. Network, network, network.

-Erica Mucci, JMC senior
  1. Join student media as soon as possible – no matter your major.

  2. Get to know your professors. They’ve been in the business, so they know what works.  

  3. Start a blog. You can post articles here, and point potential employers to the site.  

  4. Work hard. Put in the extra time to call an extra source that will make the article that much better.  Edit the article one more time before sending it in.

-Grace Murray, JMC senior
  1. Get involved with something that you believe you will enjoy, get involved with something you never thought you would join.

  2. Find one class to kick ass at and brag about it.

  3. Never be that one “drunk guy” anywhere, anytime.

  4. There is a triage of life. The three corners are: Good sleep, good social life and good grades. Try to shoot for the middle.

-Justin Rice, JMC senior
  1. Create business cards, and use them! (Keep them clean and simple; use for inspiration.)

  2. Create a website portfolio, and update it frequently. ( offers half off the first year you join for students!)

  3. Be on social media – Instagram, Twitter, etc.

  4. Think of creative ways to market.

-Amber Rowe, JMC senior
  1. Join PRSSA.

  2. Get involved with student media.

  3. Get to know your professors.

  4. Have a consistent and clean online presences

-Kathleen Shevlin, JMC senior
  1. Student media is your friend!

  2. Professors are key to landing jobs.

  3. Make a professional Twitter. Use it professionally!

  4. Hire a skywriter. Have him write your name in the sky. Pretend you know nothing about it when asked.

-Alex Speidel, JMC senior
  1. Make friends with your peers (you never know who you’ll be working for once you graduate).

  2. Create a LinkedIn profile (that way, future employers can see your professional development throughout college.)

  3. Do a little bit of work in your field daily (for instance: journalism majors should keep a little journal, public relations majors should join street teams, etc.)

  4. Have a strong social media identity.

-Alexandra Taylor, JMC senior
  1. Work in student media.

  2. Follow professionals in your field on Facebook and Twitter and retweet their significant posts.

  3. Build a personal website.

  4. Don’t use social media for silly things.

-Professor Jan Leach
  1. Be careful with your online posts. What goes on the Internet is very difficult to later scrub.

  2. Get to know your classmates and faculty—the networking you do here will pay off down the road.

  3. Get involved in student groups and student media—these opportunities will set the great apart from the good.

  4. Take time to figure out who you are and what you want to be, then build toward making your dreams a reality!

-Professor Danielle Coombs, Associate Director of JMC