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Professors and Advisors

What are the four things you need to know about your professors?

  1. They’re all different in some ways.

  2. They’re all the same in some ways.

  3. They love respect. Show you’re interested (make sure they remember you).

  4. They don’t mind stupid questions. Ask away!

-Colin Anderson, JMC junior
  1. They’ve been in the industry for a LONG time, so unlike your teachers in high school, they know what they’re talking about.

  2. They aren’t just your professors. They’re your parents, your best friends and life coaches.

  3. If a professor picks on you, it’s because you’ve managed to stand out among your peers. Congrats, young Jedi.

  4. Professors will not judge you for wearing sweat pants every day. Embrace this, because after you graduate you’ll be forced to wear “real clothes.”

-Nicole Barthel, JMC senior
  1. Your professors can be like your second parents (especially in JMC). You have to create a relationship with them by introducing yourself, asking questions and seeking advice, but they really do care about how you’re doing.

  2. They want to see you succeed. No matter how difficult the class is, they’re really not out to get you. They want you to be the best young professional you can be when you leave Kent State.

  3. What they think about you really does matter. They can make or break your chances of taking part in a student experience, internship or job, depending on their industry contacts.

  4. More often than not, they’ve taught the course before. If you’re struggling in a class, ask older students for tips about working with that professor.

-Meghan Caprez, JMC senior
  1. They are all professionals (so listen to their advice)

  2. Most of them make awful jokes (but laugh anyway)

  3. They are always here to help you.

  4. They are happy to put in a good word for you (if you work hard).

-Hilary Crisan, JMC senior
  1. They are not easy, but their backgrounds and past journalistic experiences will amaze you. Respect their knowledge.

  2. Network! Start having informational interviews. The professors at Kent have many connections. Use them.

  3. They are some of the most caring people. They honestly want you to succeed. Don’t take it for granted.

  4. Ask questions! Have the professors look over your resume/cover letter. They have professional advice. Use them as a great resource.

-Chelsea Kiko, JMC senior
  1. They care about you and want you to succeed.

  2. They know the business and have connections. (This means they can help you get a job, so be nice.)

  3. They are busy, too. They’re working professionals, so they won’t likely email you back right away. It’s OK. They haven’t forgotten about you.

  4. They are smart. Don’t ask for unwarranted extensions. They know when you don’t really need one.

-Grace Murray, JMC senior
  1. They are actually there to help you, so you should go to them if you have questions about the class or assignments.

  2. They are all super qualified and have had awesome career experiences.

  3. They understand you’re a beginner but have high expectations for your work.

  4. Find out when their office hours are and make an appointment to introduce yourself to them.

-Hanna Moore, JMC sophomore
  1. They’re here to help you, so ask questions! If you are having trouble understanding a topic, meet with them at their office hours to talk about it.

  2. Let them know if you’re not going to be there. I try to send an email to my professors before I’ll be gone. If they know ahead of time, you might be able to make up work and you won’t be the bane of their existence.

  3. They want to know who you are. Talk in class and ask good questions, chances are they’ll remember your name. This might also come in handy for references of letters of recommendations.

  4. Late does not go over well. If you’re getting behind, make sure to talk to them before the due date. They’ll be a lot more forgiving than if you wait.

-Rachel Purget, JMC senior
  1. Their attendance policy.

  2. Their common knowledge about Blackboard

  3. Their feeling about the human race

  4. If they are a father/mother

-Justin Rice, JMC senior
  1. Office hours.

  2. If they put their notes on Blackboard.

  3. The best way is to contact them.

  4. If they offer extra credit.

-Halie Rogers, JMC sophomore
  1. They’re here to help; ask questions.

  2. They all talk to each other; make a good impression.

  3. You have the privilege of working with some of the most respected professionals in the field; take advantage of that.

  4. By graduation, you will be sad to leave some of your professors.

-Kathleen Shevlin, JMC senior
  1. Know where their office is and when their office hours are in case you ever need to stop in.

  2. Checking out isn't always a bad thing...but it's not always 100% accurate either.

-Bryan Webb, JMC senior
  1. They have more experience than you do.

  2. They want to help. So ask questions!

  3. They like getting assignments on time.

  4. Most of them love what they do.

-Paul Wiedt, JMC senior
  1. We are normal people with families, kids, interests and other very normal stuff.

  2. We really like our students and want them to succeed.

  3. We really like our class topics and want you to find something interesting about them.

  4. We really want you to visit us or ask questions before you think you’re having problems in our classes.

-Professor Jan Leach
  1. Come to office hours—it’s a great way to get to know your faculty.

  2. We love it when people as questions during class, so don’t be afraid to do so.

  3. As a rule, we’re hilarious.

  4. We’re excited to have you here!

-Professor Danielle Coombs, Associate Director of JMC

Question: What are four things your advisor can do for you?

  1. Give good advice, help you make decisions so you'll be done in four years.
  2. Advocate for students in need of help.
  3. Be a friendly face throughout your JMC adventure!
-Professor Danielle Coombs, Associate Director of JMC
  1. They are your advocates!
  2. They will help you navigate this BIG university.
  3. YOu are required to see them every semester- make your appointments early!
  4. They like chocolate!
-Amy Wilkens, Coordinator of Academic Advising at JMC