Marketing Outlets in the Kent Student Center

Please email to reserve any of the marketing outlets listed below. Thank you!

Table Tents:

Table Tent General Information: 

  • Table tents are displayed for one (1) week, from Monday to Monday. There is an opportunity for ads to be placed on a wait list for an additional week.
  • Your flyers must be dropped off to the Kent State Post Office (Located in the lower level of KSC) by 3 p.m. the Thursday before the reserved week.
  • FREE to reserve space.  Printing ranges from $90-$150 depending on the vendor.


  • MUST be 4" in width by 6" in height (4x6' - portrait)
  • Printed one sided on card stock.
  • Design of ad files is the responsibility of the reserving student organization or university department.
  • Printing is the responsibility of the student organization to coordinate. Flyers will not be returned after your scheduled time.

Location and Placement

  • Kent Student Center staff will handle displaying and removing table tents.
  • Table tents will be placed in the Hub and Kent Market II.
  • For placement in locations outside of the Kent Student Center, please see that building’s curator.

Digital Advertising with KSCtv:

Utilize the many digital screens around campus to get your message out.  The University Library and Kent Student Center are a few of the FREE options on campus. Ads reserved with KSCtv for the Kent Student Center will be displayed on the large outdoor LED screen, video wall, and several individual monitors.

KSCtv General Information

  • Reservations run for ONE (1) week, Sunday to the following Sunday. 
  • Ads should include six (6) to ten (10) words maximum not including your headline.
  • Ads are displayed in a three (3) minute loop with ten (10) seconds per ad.  
  • Files are due a minimum of seven (7) days prior to the reserved week.


  • Font must be NO SMALLER than size 12 pt.
  • File sizes by location:
    • 432 x 144 pixel jpg (LED)
    • 1600 x 900 pixel jpg (Hub/USG Lobby/Lower Level/308 Hall)
    • 1024 x 768 pixel jpg (CSI Office/Outside rooms 204-206/Second Floor near Kent Market II)                

Videos and Animations:

  • Video and animated files MUST be a MWV file. (The KSCtv system does not currently support audio, please plan accordingly.) 

Contact Person:

Kent Student Center KSCtv Reservations

Step 1: Submit your KSCtv Reservation Request to with the subject line KSCtv. 

Step 2: Submit ad artwork at least seven (7) days prior to the requested week for digital ad display. Remember people like to look at beautiful things so make sure your ad is stellar.  For those brave individuals who will be creating their own ad artwork we have a few templates to assist you along the way.

Please email with the template you would like to receive, with "KSCtv + template" as the subject line of your email. The available template formats are listed below:

  • KSCtv LED Template (InDesign, Photoshop, PowerPoint, and Publisher)
    Dimensions: 432 x 144 
  • KSCtv Event Template (InDesign, Photoshop, PowerPoint, and Publisher) ​
    Dimensions: 1024 x 768 
  • KSCtv HUB Template (InDesign, Photoshop, PowerPoint, and Publisher) ​
    Dimensions: 1600 x 900 

Kent Student Center Indoor Banner:

KSC Banner General Information

  • Banners are displayed for one (1) week from Sunday to Sunday.
  • Banner must be dropped off by 1 p.m. to room 226, KSC by the Thursday before your reserved week.
  • The banner will be yours to keep once it is taken down. 
  • FREE to reserve space. Print costs are the responsibility of the student organization.


  • MUST be 48" tall x 96" wide (4'x8' - landscape orientation)
  • Design of ad files is the responsibility of the reserving student organization or university department.


  • Banner should be printed double-sided, NOT back-to-back.
  • Banner should be digitally printed, as opposed to printed on vinyl material.
  • Banner must include grommets on all four corners.

Location and Placement:

  • Banners are displayed in a space overlooking the main lobby of the Kent Student Center.
  • Installation will be handled by the Kent Student Center.

Recommended Banner Vendor:

  • Central Graphics I Jeff Loofboro  
    1658 State Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223
    office: 330.928.7080 x306
  • The cost with this vendor is $225 per banner