Vice President for Research & Sponsored Programs

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Paul E. DiCorletoPaul E. DiCorleto, Ph.D.

Vice President for Research and Sponsored Programs
Division of Research and Sponsored Programs


  • B.S., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Ph.D., Cornell University

Job Description

Vice President for Research and Sponsored Programs DiCorleto is responsible for expanding the university’s breakthrough research and creative endeavors, as well as enhancing economic development and quality of life locally and globally through the commercialization of discoveries. He assists faculty and staff in securing extramural funding to support their research and their instructional and public service projects. He focuses on increasing the quantity and enhancing the quality of scholarly endeavors across the university, and in establishing both private and public partnerships that elevate the research mission of the university. DiCorleto oversees the Office of Sponsored Programs, the Office of Research Compliance, the Office of Technology Commercialization and Research Finance, the Office of Student Research, and the Office of Research Faculty Development.

Direct Reports

  • Associate Vice President, Research Faculty Development, Douglas L. Delahanty
  • Director, Sponsored Programs, Lori A. Burchard
  • Director, Technology Commercialization and Research Finance, Stephen Roberts
  • Director, Research Compliance, Paulette Washko
  • Director, Office of Student Research, Ann Gosky
  • Marketing and Public Relations Communication Specialist, Dan Pompili

Contact, 330-672-1733

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