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Program Requirements

Required Courses 

  • AS 61000 Introduction to Liberal Studies (2 credits)
    Online only. Fall only. Must be completed successfully within the first twelve months of admittance to the program. Students study a topic from an interdisciplinary perspective. Currently the topic of this course is Impressionism in Art and Literature: Monet, Zola, Loti, Kipling. I'd give you a link to the course website so you could get some idea of it, but the current version is on Blackboard and cannot be accessed by those not enrolled in the class.

  • AS 61098 Liberal Studies Essay (3 credits)
    Under this rubric the student writes an Essay of approximately fifty pages on a topic related to his or her program of study under the direction of his or her Adviser and in consultation with a Reader. This is done near the end of the student's time in the program. You can find examples of Essays students have written here:

    Examples of MLS Programs and Capstone Essays

Optional Course

  • AS 61001 Liberal Studies Research Paper (1 credit)
    Students who feel they need help writing a graduate-level research paper may, in the same semester they take AS 61000, take this add-on course. It is not required. Students who have the ability to write a good graduate-level research paper, or who will be working in fields that do not require that skill, may be exempted from this requirement by the Program Director.

Additional Requirements

In developing their program of study, Liberal Studies students should keep the following points in mind.

Total Hours: 29 or 30

The degree consists of a minimum of 29 hours of coursework (30 for those starting as of Fall 2012), which is usually 10 courses plus the writing of the capstone Essay.

60000- level courses

There must be a minimum of 16 hours at the 60000-level. Those 16 hours include AS 61000 Introduction to Liberal Studies (2 hours), AS 61098 Liberal Studies Essay (3 hours), and at least 11 additional hours, which is usually four courses.

Disciplines/Areas of Study

There must be at least 12 hours in a single discipline (the major discipline).

There must be at least 12 hours divided among two or three additional disciplines (the minor disciplines).

There must be at least 12 hours from the College of Arts & Sciences (not including AS 61000 and AS 61098). Arts and Sciences courses are not just courses listed with the AS prefix.

At Kent State the following departments offer graduate courses in the College of Arts & Sciences:



Mathematical Sciences

Political Science

Biological Sciences


Modern & Classical Language Studies


Chemistry & Biochemistry




Computer Science





Please be aware that some graduate courses may require appropriate prerequisite study.  Also, not all courses are offered every semester.