Can I attend a HBCU (Historically Black College and Universities) campus?

Yes you can. For a list of Historically Black College and Universities click here.

How Much Will the Program Cost Me?

You pay a $185.00 Application Fee (non-refundable) 
You ONLY pay Kent State University Tuition to Kent State  
You can use your student Fee Waiver (No tuition costs)
You pay in-state costs of Room & Meals to your Host Campus
You can use my financial aid to pay tuition and room/meal fees  
Your scholarships may apply (your NSE Coordinator will tell you)
You will pay any fees associated with courses  / labs
You may need to pay a small NSE fee to your host campus (unlikely, but, your NSE Coordinator will tell you)
You pay for your round-trip transportation
You save money for personal expenses / extra spending expenses

Will My Classes Transfers Back To Kent State?

When you meet with your Academic Advisor you will learn which classes will transfer
Your official transcript from your host campus will be placed in your official Kent State file
Your status as a full-time Kent State student remains active, you are just studying away at another campus with plans to return to Kent State

Where Will I Live?

You can live on-campus or off-campus (your NSE Coordinator will tell you)
You will pay in-state cost housing fees to host campus or rent by landlord

How Long Can I Stay On Exchange?

You can go on exchange for one semester or for one year
You can exchange to one campus during fall and then exchange to another campus during spring (two campuses in one year)

Can I Study Abroad Through NSE?

You must meet the eligibility requirements of both the NSE program and the study abroad program. Read website for tips on manners, customs, etc. in other countries 

When Will I Know My Campus Assignment?

Campus assignments will be determined during the mid- March NSE Conference
You will know your exchange host campus assignment in early April

When Do I Depart?

You will leave for your host campus before the start of the fall or spring session at your host campus

WOW!!!!  I Can Go On The “Buddy System” With Friends?

Yes you can. A total of four students from Kent State or from different NSE campus can signup together on the “Buddy System” and go to the same campus

Where Can I Learn More About the National Student Exchange Network?

For more information visit our website here.

What If I Want to Study Outside of Canada or US Territories?

You can through The Office of Global Education. For more information visit here.