Why should I participate?

  • Earn course credit towards degree
  • Experience personal growth
  • Broaden educational perspectives
  • Explore and experience new and different cultures
  • Access programs and courses not offered at Kent State
  • Leard from different professors teaching styles
  • Live in a different geographic location
  • Investigate graduate schools
  • Explore internship and employment opportunities
  • Becomre more independent and self-confident
  • Learn about your world beyond your local area
  • Experience living and working in a multicultural and global context
  • To have new, different and fabulous life experiences
  • What is YOUR reason for participating?


Do I Meet The Requirements To Apply?

  • Undergraduate Student Status (30 Completed Credit Hours)
  • Full-Time Student Status
  • Overall 2.50 GPA
  • Good Standing (academic, financial, conduct)