“I am very happy about going away.  This will be a time for me to meet new people and grow as a person.  It will be the first time that I will be on my own and I am looking forward to being on my own.  I plan to bring back new things and ideas to offer my organizations here at Kent.”

Chinerey Tutashinda, Sophomore, Kent Campus
Host Campus:  University of Northern Colorado, CO


“I had an awesome time traveling to the location of my host campus.  I learned a LOT about our country!”

Andrea Bussinger, Junior, Honors College, Kent Campus
Host Campus:  Humboldt State University, CA

“College has surpassed my wildest expectations.  I am a mere 9-days away from what may turn out to be the most   exciting time of my life!  My mind is racing with all the thoughts of what will happen in my life, how my life will change and how I will change.  I am looking forward to the education aspect of this venture, too.  I am      extremely excited to leave for Manhattan.  I am a small-town girl with a big-city heart!”

Julie Honabarger, Junior, Honors College, Stark Campus  
Host Campus:  Hunter College, NY

“I am thankful for my upbringing in that my parents always taught me not to be afraid to be different.  Here is an opportunity to travel and learn and the experience will be self-rewarding.  The National Student Exchange is something that works perfectly; NSE affords students the opportunity to explore their country.  Puerto Rico, here I come to learn, explore and experience the culture I have longed to learn about since my childhood!”

Tiffany Marie Capeles, Junior, Stark Campus
Host Campus:  University of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico

“I have found a great place to live with four great roommates, close to campus and downtown.  I have a small garden, but am planning to double its size since some vegetables can be grown year-round here!”

John Barber, Senior, Honors College, Kent Campus
Host Campus:  Humboldt State University, CA

“When I first heard about NSE, I was excited that I might get to attend school out west.  This program is giving me the opportunity to experience school in the west without having to pay out-of-state tuition.  The only thing I am worried about is not wanting to come home.”

Note:  Rachel will participate in the Grand Canyon program, where she and other students will live at the Grand Canyon while conducting research.

Rachel Freeman, Sophomore, Honors College, Kent Campus
Host Campus:  Northern Arizona University, AZ

“This experience will allow me to discover many new things about myself, as well as about my life outside of ‘home’.  I hope to learn a great deal at the University of Connecticut, not only educationally, but also about life in general.  I cannot wait to get there to see a whole new world open up to me.  I believe this opportunity will help me grow as an individual.  I am filled with anticipation and excitement!”

Tara Lowdermilk, Junior, Kent Campus
Host Campus:  University of Connecticut, CT 

“There is no doubt that I am going to miss being at Kent, but I like trying new things.  And, I have no doubt that my trip to the University of Minnesota will be a fun and        fulfilling experience.  I am looking forward to the challenges new classes will present, the fun of making new friends and the ability to join new student groups at the University of Minnesota.  I am nervous and excited, but those are both signs that I am going to have a good time!”

Sharlene Fish, Junior, Honors College, Kent Campus
Host Campus:  University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, MN