Mary Lou Gemma Ferranto Ph.D., RN, CNP

I have been fortunate to be at Kent State University for over 20 years as faculty in the College of Nursing. While at KSU I have taught in all levels in the BSN program as well as graduate program for our Nurse Practitioner students.  

I started on my educational journey many years ago at KSU. After completing my BSN I moved to Boston and worked at Beth Israel hospital as a Surgical ICU nurse. I love Boston and visit as much as I can. I then moved to New York and worked at New York University's Medical Center in the CVICU and recovery room. Several more moves brought me to Pittsburgh at Allegheny General Hospital as Clinical coordinator of the surgical ICU where I implemented a Cardiac transplant program for nursing. Another move to New Jersey allowed me the opportunity to develop and implement a pulmonary rehab program for a small community hospital as well as begin my teaching career in an ADN program. I moved back to Ohio with my family to care for my elderly parents in 1994 when I began teaching at KSU.  

I have presented at numerous national, international and professional and community based conferences. In addition, I have submitted six grant proposals, all to enhance the learning experience of students and received three of these grants. My area of research interest is the development of cultural humility in nursing students. As such, I often travel abroad with Salem nursing students. Thus far, students have accompanied me on cultural international experiences to Africa, Japan, Haiti, and Canada. Students are also encouraged to journey with faculty to the Pine Ridge Reservation of the Lakota people in South Dakota.

I have 3 grown children (all have attended KSU!!!!!)  and twin grandbabies :). My daughters and their significant others live in Boston.  My son and his family live in NY. 

Ph.D. in Curriculum Studies in Education at Kent State University, 2013Post-masters certification as a Certified Nurse Practitioner at Kent State University, 1997Master's in Nursing Administration and Management at LaRoche College, Pittsburgh, PA, 1987
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2010, Innovation Teaching Award, Kent State University Faculty Development2007, Performance-based Non-tenure Track Teaching Award, Kent State University2006, Performance-based Non-tenure Track Teaching Award, Kent State University2005, Performance-based Non-tenure Track Teaching Award, Kent State University2004, Performance-based Non-tenure Track Teaching Award, Kent State University2003, Performance-based Non-tenure Track Teaching Award, Kent State University2002, Performance-based Non-tenure Track Teaching Award, Kent State University