Ratchneewan Ross, Ph.D., RN, FAAN

I have worked for Kent State for 15 years. Now I am the Director of the International Initiatives at the College of Nursing.

  • Advanced Health Care Statistics 1
  • Advanced Health Care Statistics 2
  • Research Methodology
  • Individual Investigation
  • Dissertation
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2016, Fellow, American Academy of Nursing2016, Daisy Faculty Award Honorable Mention, Kent State University2014, Visiting Professor Award, Naresuan University, Thailand2013, Visiting Professor Award, Saku University, Japan2013, Visiting Professor Award, Saint Louis College, Thailand 2011, The Giovanna Jackson Faculty Award for International Culture, Phi Beta Delta Zeta Chapter, Kent State University2010, J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship - Core Scholarship, Fulbright Foundation2010, International Distinguished Award in Teaching and Nursing Science Discovery for the Advancement of the Nursing Profession, Saint Louis College, on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Thailand2008-2010, Eminent Mentor Scholar of the College of Education & Human Services, Cleveland State University2009, Visiting Professor Award, Ministry of Education, Thailand 2004, Outstanding Faculty Award, Students for Professional Nursing, Kent State University